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Montgomery County Local Elections

The political races listed on this page cover part or all of Montgomery County, Texas.
For races that cover all of Texas, please visit the Statewide Races page.


November 4, 2014 General Election

Following are the local candidates on the ballot for the November 4, 2014 General Election in Montgomery County, Texas. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Not all races will appear on all ballots. To view your specific sample ballot, please visit the Montgomery County Elections Office website.

(i) denotes incumbent.
R = Republican, D = Democrat, L = Libertarian, G = Green, I = Independent

Participating candidates submitted their own pictures and statements. Websites were located by internet searches. If you are a candidate and would like to add your website, please send it to us. If you are a candidate and would like to submit your candidate profile including picture and 60-word statement, please contact us. We do not endorse any candidates.

Thank you for voting!


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Montgomery County Elections
US Representative, District 8
Kevin Brady (i) - R
Ken Petty - L
State Senator, District 3

J Tyler Lindsey - L
Robert Nichols (i) - R

State Representative, District 3

Cecil Bell, Jr (i) - R
Larry Parr - L

State Representative, District 15

Mark Keough - R

State Representative, District 16
Michael Hayles, Sr - D
Will Metcalf - R
Bob Townsend - L
State Representative, District 16 Unexpired Term
Michael Hayles, Sr - D
Will Metcalf - R
Chief Justice, 9th Court of Appeals

Steve McKeithen (i) - R

Justice, 9th Court of Appeals, Place 3

Leanne Johnson (i) - R

District Judge, 221st District Court

Lisa Michalk (i) - R

District Judge, 284th District Court

Cara Wood (i) - R

District Judge, 359th District Court

Kathleen A Hamilton (i) - R

County Judge

Craig Doyal - R

Judge, County Court at Law Place 1

Dennis Watson (i) - R

Judge, County Court at Law Place 2

Claudia Laird (i) - R

Judge, County Court at Law Place 3

Patrice McDonald (i) - R

Judge, County Court at Law Place 4

Mary Ann Turner (i) - R

District Clerk
Barbara Gladden Adamick (i) - R
County Clerk

Mark Turnbull (i) - R

County Treasurer

Stephanne Davis Laviolette (i) - R

County Commissioner, Precinct 2

Charlie Riley - R

County Commissioner, Precinct 4
Jim Clark - R
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
Wayne Mack - R
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2

Grady Trey Spikes (i) - R

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3
Edie Connelly (i) - R
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4
James Metts (i) - R
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5
Matt Masden (i) - R
For additional races on this ballot, visit our Statewide Races page.

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Montgomery County Hospital District Election
Director At-Large, Position 2

Kenn Fawn (i)
John Nicks
Brad Spratt

Director, Precinct 3
Chris Grice
John Hennigan
Director, Precinct 4
Bob Bagley (i)

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Lone Star College System Bond Election

The issuance of $485,000,000 school building bonds for the Lone Star College System comprised of Lone Star College-North Harris, Lone Star College-Kingwood, Lone Star College-Tomball,
Lone Star College-Montgomery, Lone Star College-CyFair and Lone Star College-University Park for the construction, acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the System, school sites
including instructional facilities; student services facilities; academic support facilities; campus support facilities; traffic infrastructure; safety and security infrastructure; plant system replacements; and technology infrastructure and the levying of the tax in payment thereof.

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Conroe ISD Election
Trustee, Position 1

Melanie Bush
Kim K LeJeune

Trustee, Position 2
Ray Sanders (i)
Trustee, Position 3
Carol Hamilton
Skeeter Hubert
Jason Millsaps

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New Caney ISD Election
Trustee, Position 1

Ryan Schurdell
Stacey Shipley (i)
Kevin Summerlin

Trustee, Position 2
Creg Mixon
Jimmy Verron (i)

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Richards ISD Election
Board Trustee, Position 1

Margaret L Bailey
Rex Holland (i)

Board Trustee, Position 2
JD Curtis
Don M Pyburn Jr
Board Trustee, Position 3
Audra Berry
Deborah Chandler Pool
Board Trustee, Position 4
Dave Short
Bonnie Stewart

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Splendora ISD Election
Trustee, Position 1

Jackie Kinard
Vicki Thornton

Trustee, Position 2
Dan Muirhead (i)
Trustee, Position 3
Kino Manzella (i)

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Tomball ISD Election
Trustee, Position 1

Joseph Ferguson
Kathy Handler (i)

Trustee, Position 2
Michael J Pratt (i)
Trustee, Position 3
John E McStravick (i)
Trustee, Position 4
Mark Lewandowski (i)

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Willis ISD Election
Trustee, Position 1

Christen Arnold (i)
Thomas Earl King Jr

Trustee, Position 3
Steven King
Robin Sproba (i)
Trustee, Position 4
Elizabeth Anne McKenna (i)
Jan Nell
Trustee, Position 5
James Lee Bishop Jr
Cliff Williams (i)

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Conroe Election

The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages.

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Patton Village Election
City Council, Position 2

James Jensen
Paul Reid

City Council, Position 3
Jeanne Reeves
Theresa White (i)
City Council, Position 4
Billy Crittenden
Randy LeFevre (i)

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Roman Forest Election
City Council, Position 1

Scott A Baker (i)
Tony Garza

City Council, Position 3
David Mullane
City Council, Position 5
Floyd O Jackson Jr
Conley R Wallace (i)

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Woodbranch Village Election
Council, Position 2

Melvin Mixon (i)

Council, Position 4
Joseph Krispinsky
Council, Position 5
Vera Craig (i)
Debbie Lawson

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Tomball Election

This election is being conducted by the City of Tomball and has different voting locations from the other county elections. Early Voting and Election Day Voting at Tomball City Hall, 401 Market St, Tomball TX 77375. Check the City of Tomball website for dates and times.


The legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages in the City of Tomball, Texas.

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The Woodlands Township Elections
Board of Directors, Position 1

Gordy Bunch (i)

Board of Directors, Position 2
Mike Bass (i)
Ron Mullins
Board of Directors, Position 3
David Cassidy
Ryan Elkins
Jeff Long (i)
Board of Directors, Position 4
Walter Boyd
Sharon Lavery
Jim Meszaros
Ed Robb (i)

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Point Aquarius Municipal Utility District (MUD) Election
Directors (vote for 0, 1 or 2) We have been unable to identify incumbents in this election.

Don Gray
Frank Lorch
Roland Morgan
LL Venable

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Texas National Municipal Utility District (MUD) Bond Election

The issuance of bonds in the maximum amount of $16,500,000 for water, sanitary sewer, drainage and storm sewer systems, and refunding purposes, and the levy of taxes in payment of the bonds.


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