Montgomery County Local Elections

November 8, 2016: General Election

Following are the local General Election races on the ballot for the November 8, 2016 Election in Montgomery County, Texas. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Not all races appear on all ballots. Races that cover all of Texas are listed on our Statewide Elections page. There may be additional elections going on in some of the individual political entities such as cities, school boards or utility districts. To view your specific sample ballot, please visit the Montgomery County Elections Office website.

Party Affiliation: D = Democrat, R = Republican, L = Libertarian, G = Green
(i) denotes incumbent

Websites were located by internet searches. If you are a candidate and would like your website added, please send it to us. We do not endorse any candidates or organizations. Thank you for voting!

2016 Local General Election Candidates

US Representative, District 8

Kevin Brady (i) - R

Member, State Board of Education, District 8

Barbara Cargill (i) - R

State Senator, District 4

Brandon Creighton (i) - R
Jenn West - L

State Representative, District 3

Cecil Bell (i) - R

State Representative, District 15

Mark Keough (i) - R

State Representative, District 16

Will Metcalf (i) - R

Justice, 9th Court of Appeals, Place 2

Charles A Kreger (i) - R

District Judge, 9th Judicial District

Phil Grant - R

District Judge, 410th Judicial District

Jennifer James Robin - R

District Judge, 418th Judicial District

Tracy A Gilbert (i) - R

District Judge, 435th Judicial District

Patty Maginnis - R

County Court-at-Law 5

Keith Mills Stewart (i) - R

District Attorney

Brett Ligon (i) - R

County Attorney

JD Lambright (i) - R


Rand Henderson - R

Tax Assessor-Collector

Tammy J McRae (i) - R

County Commissioner, Pct 1

Mike Meador (i) - R

County Commissioner, Pct 3

James Noack (i) - R

Constable, Pct 1

Philip Cash - R
T Mack - D

Constable, Pct 2

Gene DeForest (i) - R

Constable, Pct 3

Ryan Gable (i) - R

Constable, Pct 4

Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden (i) - R

Constable, Pct 5

David Hill (i) - R

City of Patton Village Election

City Council Position 2

Garry Hershman
Randy LeFevre (i)

City Council Position 3

Jeanne Reeves (i)

City Council Position 4

David Daniel

City of Roman Forest Election

City Council Position 1

Tony Garza
Blake Sudberry

City Council Position 3

Barbara Greene
David Mullane (i)

City Council Position 5

Conley Wallace (i)

The Woodlands Township Election

Director Position 1

Gordy Bunch (i)
Amy Lampman
Bob Leilich

Director Position 2

Mike Bass (i)
Brian Boniface

Director Position 4

Chris Grice
Bruce Rieser

New Caney ISD Election

Trustee Position 6

Ty Trout

Trustee Position 7

Elizabeth Rhoden Harrell (i)
Beth Prykryl

Splendora ISD Election

Trustee Position 6

Jackie K Knott (i)
Mike Verron

Trustee Position 7

Dustin Newell
Suzanne Soto (i)

Tomball ISD Election

Trustee Position 5

Joseph Ferguson
Lee McLeod
Matt Schiel

Trustee Position 6

Sam Gregson (i)

Trustee Position 7

Lisa R Nicholas (i)

Willis ISD Election

Trustee Position 2

James Bishop
Renee House
Sue Ann Powell (i)

Trustee Position 6

Jose "Joe" Belmares Jr
Michelle Bischof
Chris Haskett
Beverly Ann Vornsand (i)

Trustee Position 7

Rebecca "Becky" Broussard (i)

Montgomery County Hospital District Election

Commissioner Precinct 1

Sandy Wagner (i)

Commissioner Precinct 2

Matthew L Pepper
Brad Spratt

At-Large Position 1

Mark Cole (i)
John Nicks

At-Large Position 3

Georgette Whatley (i)

Lone Star College System Election

Trustee District 5

Luis Granados
David Vogt (i)

Trustee District 7

Linda S Good (i)
Ron Trowbridge